Here's a question we get alot.  If you're around Ann Arbor and you tune 102.3 FM on your radio you may or may not hear our programs depending on your location.  Why?  The FCC allows multiple broadcasters to use the same frequency, so there are at least two other stations whose signals can be heard.  One is a foreign language station based in Windsor, while another originates from Toledo.  The way radio signals work, the closer a listener to the antenna the greater chance of hearing the broadcast. Radio signals also travel further at higher elevation. 

Our antenna is located about 14 miles west of Ann Arbor in downtown Chelsea atop the district library.  While our signal originates nearby, we currently operate at only about 80% of authorized power and less than half the height that we would be allowed.  A January 2017 FCC deadline required that we begin broadcast or forfeit the radio license.  WEGV's signal can be heard today from the western edge of Ann Arbor near Zeeb Road with increasing strength going west toward Chelsea.  A goal of our current fundraising is to purchase a more powerful transmitter and raise our antenna in order to increase our broadcast range and better serve our local audience.  Until then, you can always listen online at or by downloading the WEGV app for your mobile device.